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--: About Me :---

My name is Subhash, a Graphic / Web designer from India. This is my personal website aimed to further enhance my skills as a designer. This site is dedicated to my family, friends and everybody who helped me to make things happen.

Thank You for all support. :-)

I started learning Photoshop in 1997 just for fun, but in late 1999 I decided to take it to the next level and become a Graphic / Web designer. I welcome the challenges of learning new techniques and strives to keep up with the latest standards. Life @ work is real fun , I aspire always to be number one ,My friends and family whom I cannot do without , They are my biggest love with no doubt. Carrying a fun loving & easygoing personality, I can compromise for anything but quality, I am always thinking of beautiful places in the world Wanting to touch the skies soaring like a bird

My Skillset includes :
Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML & CSS


I'll be honest here, I love computers and the internet. I spend a good portion of my day in front of the screen, designing, researching and sometimes just mucking about. Honestly i love to work from home, so that i can spend some time with my wife & kid... :-)

But, aside from the geek stuff I do allow myself to get out and about too. I like walking around, exploring and taking photos. I'm definitely just an enthusiast photographer. Music, Sports, watching movie and traveling pretty much sums up the remainder of my time. itsmesubhash
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